PayPlans Team has come up with Migration as a Service (Maas). Migration as a Service facility is to aid those users who want migration to PayPlans from any other membership software provider. Also, we provide fetching of important data and other required details to PayPlans from the source membership system.

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  1. Is this a paid service?
    Yes, it is a paid service.

  2. Do I get any added value or incentive with the migration?
    Yes! we do provide various free of cost services along with the migration facilities. Various free of cost service with migration are:
    • Migration performed by Joomla! Expert Developers.
    • Troubleshooting at its best.
    • Unlimited support for 3 months (Bug Fixes and Setup Support) in case of migration.
    • Painless Migration (Relax Yourself).
    • These free services are available only when there occurs successful migration and you pay accordingly.

  3. Migration from which membership system is provided?
    Migration is provided from almost all other membership systems.

  4. What about my details available on the former membership system?
    All your details on your former membership system will surely be taken to PayPlans. So, you don’t have to bother about any sort of data loss during the process of migration.

  5. Is there any technical support for the Migration ? If yes, then for what duration?
    Yes, you will be provided complete support, related to migration for the duration of 3 months. After 3 months $30 per hour will be charged if you ask for further support regarding migration.
    Apart from the support of migration, you will be provided support for your PayPlans' kit too for the duration of the subscription only.

  6. How much time will be consumed in migration process?
    The successful and efficient migration process will take at least 2 weeks. LIVE! migration on your website will take at least 6-8 hours, provided that your presence is necessary during the live migration process.

  7. What security or backup will be provided for my data?
    Backup of your data will be taken to face any discrepancy and of course, securing you data is one of our major concerns.

  8. What do I need to do if I require some other plan of PayPlans?
    In that case, the new plan’s will be managed accordingly and the plan’s functionalities will be customised too.

  9. What will be the cost for migration?
    The migration process cost depends on the subscription data that needs to be migrated and the complexity of your old membership system. The exact price can be provided after analyzing migration data and your old membership system.

  10. Can I ask for custom app development?
    Yes, we will surely develop custom apps for you. Please contact us for the charges of the app development and other details.

  11. Can I ask for any customisation in PayPlans?
    Yes, we will provide customisation in PayPlans too but, the cost for that customisation will be decided after checking your requirements.

  12. Will the notifications of my former membership system’s will be available on PayPlans?
    Yes, all the notification which usually arrived on your former membership system will now arrive on PayPlans after the migration process.

  13. How can I verify the successful & efficient working of migration system?
    We will configure certain recurring plans and their notifications before the migration and after a successful migration, you can check the as usual working of the recurring plans and arrival of notifications.

  14. Can I ask for a refund?
    Yes, some special cases embed the case of refunds. For more details please contact us.

  1. Server Access: You are supposed to provide us your server details like, whether it is a dedicated server or a shared one.

  2. Website Size: Yes, this is also a matter of concern for us. Size of your website should be known to us before we start the migration process.

  3. Payment Gateway used: Of course, you should provide us the list of the payment gateways used by you and their details. It will be helpful for us in creating a channel between you and your customers to execute money matters over Internet itself.

  4. Plans: Its mandatory for you to provide us your plans, their types and other essential details. This is so because in case, a customer has a recurring plan and before the subscription expires, he/she switches the membership software to us. Then, your provided details will be helpful for us in continuing the services provided by you to your customers.

  5. Custom Field Details: These are the additional details which you ask from your customers. If there exist any, then you should provide them to us.

  6. Time Duration: From the date of confirmation for migration, it will take at least 2 weeks for us to completely migrate you to PayPlans from the other membership software provider. Also, it will take 6 to 8 hours for us to perform live migration (the final one).

  7. Test Domain: We require the link and administrator details of your test website. It will be our initial concentration to perform migration. The reason to use test website is just to prevent our prime concern (your live website) from any discrepancies.

  8. Live Migration: The moment when we start migration of your membership system to PayPlans, at that time we request you to fulfill the underwritten tasks:
  • YES: In case, after the complete configuration for migration from our side, if the migration doesn’t work on your test site then you are free to ask for refund of your payments done to us.
    • 100%: If the migration process doesn’t work efficiently on the test site, then we will refund you 100% of your amount paid to us.
  • NO: Once, the migration system is deployed on your live website, then we will not be able to refund any sort of payment to you.