What is PayPlans?

PayPlans is a Joomla CMS based web application allowing you to manage an online subscription system and earn revenue. PayPlans' workflow also allow you to send invoices to your users.

What are the technical requirements for using PayPlans on my website?

PayPlans is compatible to the following version of software :

  • Php 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6 & 7
  • Joomla 3.x and latest releases.
  • Joomla Platform Versions 11 & 12.

Is PayPlans available in my native language?

PayPlans is a multilingual product. We support many languages. Please visit the link below to learn our availability in your language.

Can I have a demo before purchasing PayPlans?

Yes, surely just visit our demo site. It will allow you to create scenarios as per your requirements, but to get the best you should try and test it. PayPlans supports 100% money back guarantee within 30 day.

How do I switch to PayPlans from another subscription system? How can I migrate my existing database to PayPlans?

Do not worry we will do it for you. Yes, we provide migration as a service from other membership system to PayPlans. For more details visit Migration Service.

Can I create multiple currency plans on my Website?

No, Payplans doesn’t support plans with multiple currency. You may switch between any of the preferred currency from backend but all plans will be of same currency.

In which language do you provide support for PayPlans ?

We provide support in English language only. You can use PayPlans in multiple languages but support is only available in English language.

Which payment method do you accept?

All the payments can be accomplished with the credit cards or PayPal. Since PayPal is not acceptable within India so Indian users can contact us directly on our contact us page. We will be happy to help.

Can I upgrade to a different version later on?

Yes, you can upgrade from one plan to other at any time. Your unutilized amount of current plan will be continued in new plan.

What happens after my membership expires ?

PayPlans will keep running on your website.

PayPlans installed on your website can be used forever. However, if your membership expires, then you will not be able to download PayPlans and its apps again. You will also not be able to access new releases, updates and support.

We highly recommend to renew your membership to receive latest product releases and obtain technical support from our PayPlans experts.

Is it possible to download the PayPlans version, which I had purchased, after my subscription got expired?

No, you will not be able to download PayPlans and its apps again after your subscription has expired. However, it will keep running on your website.

We highly recommend to take a backup of your website before subscription expiration so that you can restore it later if you need it.

Why should I renew my subscription ?

You a high stake in the success of PayPlans because you are an important part of our business.
By renewing
1. You will support the development of PayPlans.
2. You get updates and security fixes.
3. You will be able to download Apps as well as PayPlans for unlimited number of time.
4. You will be entitled to our priority support services

What is App-Store? Do you sell Apps and other products too on it?

App-Store allows our subscribed users to download as well as install the required apps. It also hosts few third party apps. The app-store is available in the PayPlans backend. To know more have a look at our blog "APP-STORE" - The Most Intuitive Way To Manage Apps.

Can I use PayPlans on multiple domains?

Yes, you can use PayPlans on multiple domains, we will never restrict you. However, the technical support for domains will always be allowed as per the plan conditions on our pricing page.

Can I transfer my license to another domain?

No, we support license for registered domain and its sub-domains only.

Can PayPlans be customized ?

Yes, you are allowed to customize PayPlans as per your wish. PayPlans is being distributed as an Open Source Software under the licence of GNU GPL and you are allowed to customize PayPlans to suite your needs.

PayPlans architecture is very flexible and easy to customize by using our developer docs and API. You can also contact us at [email protected].

Can you provide custom Setup for Payplans?

Yes, we provide custom setup. You can contact us at [email protected].

Will I be able to upgrade PayPlans and Apps if my subscription gets expired?

No, PayPlans and it’s Apps are upgradable only when you have an active subscription.

Should I get Jomsocial Profile Type (JSPT) if I purchased PayPlans ?

JSPT and PayPlans are different products with completely separate functionalities and you need to purchase both of them separately.

Is there any scheme for discount, to purchase a plan?

Yes, you can follow us on any of our social pages as we keep posting regular discounts.

We also post special discount coupons on PayPlans Blog. Even lots of partner discount coupons are also available on our partner’s page please feel free to help yourself.

In which conditions do I have a refund?

Yes, we allow refund. You will get 100% money back within 30 days as per terms and conditions.

Where can I get a solution or technical help in case of need?

We have a richly ornamented documentation section with quick search features and excellent knowledge base support forum for you to read. We hope it will solve your queries.

If still your query remains unanswered, then just post your query on the support forum and our team of experts will contact you over there.

We request you to refer to our documentation once, before submitting a support query.

What can I do to receive regular updates for PayPlans?

To avail the best offers and updates in PayPlans you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, PayPlans Blog. If you want the notification process to be automatic, then we request you to subscribe to our newsletters at the link in the footer below. We will never spam you !

You can also keep an eye out for the announcement Category in PayPlans Support, PayPlans Broadcast in your site’s backend dashboard as well as Joomla Extensions Directory.

I own a site in Joomla 2.5. When should I migrate?

We have dropped the support for Joomla 2.5 now. So there will no more updates in PayPlans on Joomla 2.5. Also support will not be available for this.

We recommend everyone to start planning the upgrade for Joomla 3.x series. It’s feature rich, more secure and is dedicated to proper UI/UX.

How can I reset my PayPlans’ username and password?

You can reset/ recover them using your email address. Just follow the link to reset password.


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